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Features: 5 Zipper Closures to Look As Slim as you Want and give you 4 additional Trimming Belt Size Change stages. Unique Zipper Design Slims and Trims Waist Instantly. Sauna action helps shed excess water as you exerciseDescription: Item Type: Waist Shaper Girdle Meterial: Bamboo Fiber Color: Ligh..
214 SEK
Features: Valgus protector. Protect your foot from bunion. Soft material, comfortable to wear. Reduces toe and foot discomfort. Foot pain relief.  Description: Item Type: Pairs Bunion Protector Sleeves Length: About 9cm Width: About 8cm(can stretch) Material: Durable soft elastic cloth and medical-g..
132 SEK
Features: Massaging to accelerate the cell activation of the whole breast Enhancing and firming your breast to show your charm You can use it to tighten and slim your arms, belly fat, waist, thighs, cellulite, leg, etc By sucking up and down your skin to stimulate deep, helping smooth over pockets o..
368 SEK
Features:Light weight and easy to use.Comfortable and non-threatening.Adjustable universal size for most men and women.Application: People who spend long time on the computers, cars.Description: Color: The color is as shown in pictures.NOTES: This comfortable and easy to use neck cervical trac..
210 SEK
Child Humpback Kyphosis Back Corrector Belt Posture BraceFeatures: The Posture Aid Support is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten the Spine Retractable elastic strap It makes you a elegant beauty no matter you are walking or standing According to your own width of your shoulder, ..
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Features: Can effectively improve muscle strength, physical mobility and flexibility. Improve athletic performance, to help treating a variety of chronic diseases. When you pull the elastic band from the beginning, the longer you pull,the bigger resistance you will get it. The size of elastic band i..
129 SEK
Digital Cordless Skipping Rope Wireless Calorie Burner Jump Counter Features: Simple, space-saving, anywhere jump, do not go cold days and then moving in a small space can achieve your dream. This Digital Cordless Skipping Rope gives you all the calorie burning benefits of a traditional jump rope bu..
278 SEK
Features: Fasion design and light weight Automatic count step, calculate how many step you walk. With LCD screen(no LED light, can not read in night). Easy to use. Simple press the reset button. All date will be reset. Power by 1.5V cell button battery. With a clip, easy to put it on your belt. Step..
89 SEK
Features: The rope won't knotted, convenient to carry Fits to use outdoor, indoor, office, bedroom, etc Saving space, you can do sport everywhere Creating a good body shape, make your life more healthyIncluding 4 modes: Time: Showing the time Counter: Counting range is 1 to 699999 Stopwatch: Measuri..
205 SEK
Features: The Protection Bandage Compression Pain Relief supporters Provides support to Wrist, Elbow, Knee and Ankle Comes as Single pieces Each Supporter has specific length. Can effectively protect your body partsDescription: Item Type: Protection Bandage Wrist Support Length: App 32.3cm Ankle Sup..
115 SEK
Features: Comfortable, washable, easy to wear. It provides support with maximum comfort without undesirable pressure. Provides effective support, reducing the strain, on your tissues and providing immediate relief.  Description: Item Type: Palm Wrist Hand Support Glove Length: About 14cm Width: Abou..
95 SEK
Features:Eye care: relieve eye fatigue or eye sorenessBeauty therapy: smooth out the wrinkles, minimizes dark circles and pouch. Carbon fiber heating to release far infrared ray. Promoting blood circulation. Temperature setting controller. Rapid warming , reduce joint pain. It consumes minimal elect..
264 SEK
Features: Can be used as essential oil dropper. You can share our product with your friends if you find it useful dropper tool. 15ML, 30ML, three sizes for you to choose.  Description: Item Type: Glass Dropper Material: Glass Size: 15ML, 30Ml(choose your favorite one)  Package Included: 1 X Glass Dr..
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Features: The block ensures extra stability and support during yoga or Pilates exercises It can be placed under your hands, feet or spine to ensure correct alignment Rounded edges and corners for extra comfort and grip  Description: Item Type: Yoga Block Material: High density, non-toxic, stretch-re..
127 SEK
Features: Durable material is perfect for athletic activities such as jogging, running, biking, walking, and exercising Full screen protector protects screen from scratches, and still allows touch screen navigation Multiple layers of padding offer the best in protection Adjustable Velcro Strap gives..
113 SEK
Features: Quick to remove odor, reduce the distance to each other. Effectively restrain sweat secretion, intelligent adjustment sweat sweat glands, keep skin dry for a long time, solve the sweat. Apply to men and women, apply to the armpit, neck, arm, waist and leg. Description: Item Type: Deod..
157 SEK
Features: Superior durability Improves grip strength Develops triceps, biceps, back, shoulders and abs 70cm heavy-duty coated nylon rope with glass fibers Heavy-duty chrome plated attachment connects to any universal gym systemDescription: Length: About 69cm Material: Plastic Colour: Black Weight: A..
448 SEK
Features: Specially designed with four foldable legs, good for both use and storage. With a hang rope, you can hang it around your neck for convenient operation. Ideal for reading maps and newspapers, repairing gadgets, carving handicrafts, sewing, knitting, etc. With 4 LED lights, helpful for use i..
217 SEK
Features: Make your foot more comfortable and warm Insoles are cushioned and comfortable to wear Unique removable design, convenient to clean The insoles can match with other shoes With two ankle socks for putting in the batteries Portable design, you can wear it go out Full charging the battery,can..
513 SEK
Features:Waist Slimming Belt manufactured with Neoprene tightening your waist to show perfect bodyWaist Slimming Belt is warm with sauna function and good ventilation Promote perspiration to help the decomposition of excess fat to achieve weight loss   Description: Color: Black Fit Size:56 - 98..
240 SEK
Features: The Gel Big Toe Straighteners Corrector Protectors Feet Care, one size fits left and right toe Reduces toe and foot discomfort Alleviates Tension Stretches and aligns toes Increase circulation Straighten bent toes Realign Joint Improve balance Improve foot strength Bunion reliefDescription..
109 SEK
Features: Fully Lined with breathable fiber gel Can be used on toes and fingers Help to relieve pain for pressure and friction Flexible and easy cut to any sizeDescription: Item Type: Toes Finger Protector Material: Gel and Cotton Size: 15.9x2cm (Flexible size) Weight:16gPackage Included: 1 X Toes F..
91 SEK
Gel Toe Separators Stretchers Bunion Straightener Alignment Features: New generic Gel Toe Separators Stretchers Regain foot health by rinsing the toes in water and wearing them for 10 minutes. Regular use may help resolve common foot problems like hallux varus and hammer toe. Super Soft Gel, comfort..
104 SEK
 Features: Helps promote a flatter tummy Helps to reduce the unsightly bulges Make you become more beautiful and charming For best fit: The top of The Invisible Tummy Trimmer should be placed at the bottom of your rib cage (not at the waistline)Description: Item Type: Postpartum Belly Recovery B..
181 SEK
Features: Its unique design provides strong protection for patella knee Can effectively prevent excessive pressure, especially sprain and strain caused by patella articular damage Comfortable, suitable for all kinds of sports, especially in badminton, table tennis, basketball Buffer patella pressure..
131 SEK
Handheld Mini Garment Steamer Facial Steaming Ironing HumidificationFeatures: Compactness and a rugged design, Convenient to carry Mini is Maxi, 5 in 1 functions Fast producing high temperature steam Facial Steaming, Indoor humidifying, Ironing clothes, To remove the smell of clothes, SterilizationD..
527 SEK
Head Neck Scalp Equipment Stress Relax MassagerFeatures: It Stimulate your nerve endings and massage acupressure points on your head. Unique metal massage feet, the antennae is specially made with treated stainless steel. Fashion stlye with octopus shape, easy to use and carry. Light weight manual m..
87 SEK
Features: Arm Lift Patch is easy to apply.  Suitable for people who is want to slim arm but lacks of time. Arm Lift Patch is breathable and comfortable to wear all the day.People will be able to achieve the effect of weight loss for keeping to use.   Description: Item type: Arm Lift Patch Col..
115 SEK
Features: Thigh Lift Patch is easy to apply.  Suitable for people who is want to slim thigh but lacks of time. Thigh Lift Patch is breathable and comfortable to wear all the day.People will be able to achieve the effect of weight loss for keeping to use.   Description: Item type: Thigh Lift Pa..
151 SEK
Features: It is a good gift on the journey. Perfect for your travel, easy to carry. The travel pillow have three colors for you to choose. Earplug can help to reduce noise and build a good sleep. Eye mask can help to avoid light and relieve insomnia and migraines. The U-shaped travel pillow allows t..
104 SEK
Features: Suitable for fifth month of pregnancy to prenatal. This product is made of high strength, high toughness nylon material. Helpful for the pregnancy who has severe abdominal sagging or abdominal overweight. Ease the back pain during pregnancy and protect the fetus.  Description: Item Type: I..
194 SEK
Features: Exquisite leather fabric. Suitable for lumbar disc protrusion patients.  Light, comfortable and breathable material. The design of conforming the waist physiological curves arc. Waist elastic steel sheet fitted supporting, major in patients with a waist.  Description: Item Type: JIAHE Lumb..
572 SEK
Features: Correcting the bad posture of walking and sitting as a good habit.  Supporting the spine and maintenance the physiological curve of the spine. Reducing visual fatigue will help to prevent myopia. To alleviate the fatigue for shoulder, back, waist. Promoting the youth growth and development..
386 SEK
 Features: Provide additional support and help prevent slouching. For prevention and elimination of fault in posture and spinal curvature, suitable for both youth and old people. It helps to improve poor posture and relieve pain caused by arthritis. Can also minimize a "stooped" posture often asso..
340 SEK
Features: Prevent spinal deformation, rectify teenagers bad posture Help people keep the right posture of sit, stand and walk. Prevent myopia, eliminate the visual fatigue, and correct pseudomyopia Keep the equilibrium stress of shoulder, back, waist and belly Relieve muscle fatigue, protect your wa..
363 SEK
Product Function: Muscle strength imbalance Reduce swelling and help the lymphatic circulation Cycle, soft tissue, joint and muscle dysfunction Subluxation Pinching syndrome Overuse/Chronic FatigueDescriptions: Item Type: Kinesiology Sports Tape Quantity: 2PCS Color: 11 colors for you to choose Weig..
115 SEK
Kintape Lumbar Vertebra Muscles Cure Therapy Kinesiology Tape Features: The Kintape Lumbar Vertebra Muscles Cure Therapy Kinesiology Tape can make your Lumbar Vertebra Muscles Pain is released, and supply for Protrusion Of Intervertebral Dice and Sprain Of Waist, to reach the role of health physical..
124 SEK
 Kintape Wrist Sprain Pain Cure Therapy Kinesiology TapeFeatures: The Kintape Wrist Sprain Pain Cure Therapy Kinesiology Tape can make your Wrist Muscles Pain is released, and supply for Wrist Sprain, to reach the role of health physical therapy. If you are playing any sports and you need the pr..
151 SEK
Features: Perfect for postpartum recovery Comfortable texture for you to wear Make you become more beautiful and charmingDescription: Item Type: High Waist Slimming Pant Material: Polyester+Spandex Color: Apricot, BlackSize           XL                    XXL         ..
175 SEK
Description: Name: Lazy People Slim Patch Weight Loss Usage: External Quantity: 10pcs/pack Main components: Mint, Phytoncide, Natural essential oil, One piece a day, should not be posted more than eight hours each time, the foil directly attached to the belly crowded area, use if abdominal pain, fee..
99 SEK
Features: Anti-slip, slightly handle design. Adjusting to extra 2.8M is easily customized for your height. Multifunctions of timer, counter, clock, calorie and fat burned calculator. Entering your weight to accurately calculate the calories you burn and the fat you reduce. Allowing you to jump forwa..
173 SEK
LCD Display Digital Electronic Body Weight Scales Twice Data Record Features: The LCD Display Digital Electronic Body Weight Scales Twice Data Record is made of ABS Plastic, power type by 2 * AAA battery, easy to use. There are two weight contrast functions. You can measure your weight every day, do..
350 SEK
Leopard Print Silicon Heel Pad Shoe Anti-slip Pad Features: Pair of self-adhesive silicone gel heel cushion protector. One size fits all adults and kids shoes. Self-adhesive easy application, no worries about slipping off position. Soft silicone gel material prevents heels from scratching and bliste..
95 SEK
  100% Brand New and High Quality Lovely proud sleeping eye mask One size fits all Function: relaxing, sleeping and travelling Material: PP Color: As pictures Package included: 1x Panda Face Sleep Eye Mask..
86 SEK
Features: Beautiful Shape Rubber triangle is useful for diagnosis and treat Stainless steel handle design for your hand is easy for you to handle Suitable for medical healthy check Specific for percussion of the chest were used to elicit reflexes   Description: Item Type: Reflex Hammer Material: Sta..
117 SEK
Features: Slimming tummy, adjust posture, body shaper Highly stretchable and comfortable Anti-pilling, Quick dry, Light, Soft, Breathable, et     Suitable for Spring, Auntumn and WinterDescirption: Item Type: Men Long Sleeve Underwear Material: 95% Chinlon + 5% Spandex Advantages: Stretchable Color:..
223 SEK
 Features: Special weave on waist Slimming waist on both sides Shaping both chest and back Tightening back for a lean aoppearance Wider hem design, will not hemming with big bellyDescirption: Item Type: Men's Vest Advantage: Slimming Material: Nylon, Spandex Color: Black, White Weight: About 200..
236 SEK
 Features:  Using the latest Japanese technology of fat burning Clothes made of titanium, germanium and silver Designed specifically to give men a leaner silhouette This elegant shaperwear is fashion pretty enough to be a part of your look   Description: Item type: Shaper Color: Black Size: M, L M..
295 SEK
 Features: Perfect tool to prevent drain from being trapped Be made from metal, it's durable and easy to clean Fit for most drain hole   Description: Item Type: Hair Drain Catcher Color: Silver Size: About 7.5(diameter)*1.8(height)cm Weight: About 25g   Package Included: 1 X Hair Drain Catcher..
96 SEK
Features: Convenient to carry and easy to use Automatic count step, the paces are detected via the movement of wrist Can measure mile, kilometer, calories consumed Steps count is setting from 0 to 99,999 With Belt ClipDescription: Item Type: Pedometer Powered by: DC1.5V AG10 button batteries(Include..
92 SEK
Description: Color: As Show In The Picture Material:  Natural Loofah Diameter: 5.6-9cm(2.2''-3.5'') Length: 12.5cm Weight:About 25gPackage included: 1 X Loofah SpongesNotes: Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data...
94 SEK
Features: Made of 100% pure natural loofah, no labor chemical materials, non-toxic, non-stick oil and comfortable massage effects. This Loofah Back Scrubber Brush is easy to use in shower. This Loofah Back Scrubber Brush can greatly remove the dead skin and impurities from the body's surface when be..
114 SEK
Description: Size: One size fits all (Fits all average size hands) Color: black Weight: 60g Package included: 1 Pair of GYM GLOVES..
141 SEK
Features: Comfortable material provides your knees support and protection  Description: Item Type: Knee Strap Material: Neoprene, nylon Size: About 47.5*19cm Quantity: 1 Piece Knee Strap Color: Blue and Black (choose the one you like)  Package Included: 1 X Piece Knee Strap  Notes: 1. The real color..
115 SEK
Neoprene Slimming Belt Fat Cellulite Burner Exercise Waist Features: Adjustable with velcro so one size fits all This Slimming Belt would help to loose body and reduce waist harm Suited for any aerobic exercise or weight reduction program Get greater benefits from jogging, exercise and work Descript..
187 SEK
 Introduction: This Waist Support Guard Band protect your waist.   This Waist Support Guard Band provide underprop and protect your muscle. This Unisex Neoprene Velcro Waist Support Guard Band is easy to wear, suitable for any sportsFeatures: Provides support to your waist A good choice for mode..
216 SEK
Non-slip Yoga Mat Towel Blanket 183x63cmDescription: Color: Purple, Blue Dimensions: 183x63cm Quantity: 1Package include: 1 x Yoga Towel 1 x Net BagNote: 1.The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monito..
296 SEK
Nose Nasal Washing Cleaner Set Care Solution Brush CupFeatures: Nasal Cavity clean For people who have stuffy nose, allergy and sinus problems Perfect for daily use and makes nasal rinsing really a breezeDescription: Care Solution: 65ml Brush Length: App. 10.5cm Quantity: 1Set Packge Includs: 1 x C..
326 SEK
Nose Up Clip Lifting Shaping Heighten Straightening Orthoses Instructions:Nose Up clip is used to sharpen and achieved a higher nose bridge. You can clip Nose Up Lifter Clip on the nose for about 10 to 15 mines a day but do not overuse it for too long. Nose Up clip can make the nose more tall and st..
93 SEK
Nylon Skipping Rope Automatic Counting Weighted Fitness Jumping Features: Automatic counting for more convenient use You can trim rope to the right length by the rope from the plastic handle Kids and adults can share the joy of health each other with this nylon skipping rope Get fit and having fun..
105 SEK
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