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4 in 1 Teeth Whitening Mirror Hook 8000 MCD LED Dental Oral Care Tool Features: 1. The high temperature disinfection LED oral care tool kits are made from a LED controller and three different  function of oral appliances heads, the oral appliances head is replaceable, can use 135 degree steam to dis..
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4 Pair Tens Adhesive Electrode Pads For Acupuncture Digital Therapy Features: This product is suitable for a variety of therapeutic instrument patch electrode, sticky, can be attached to various parts of the body to use, long-term repeated use. Electrode pads for massager or Tens machines. Metal poi..
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Feature: Ideal toothbursh for cleaning your teeth. Ultra soft bamboo charcoal brush, help to protect your gingiva. Ultra soft Brush, durable with light weight.Description: Item Type: Toothbrush Color: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange Material: Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Length: About 18cm Package Size: About ..
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Features: Inhibit the synthesis of fat and promote the fatty acids in the combustion Humanized design, convenient to use, and easy to carry Can cover most of the stomach, and the navel is revealed, it will not affect the navel to breathe Can be posted on your belly when you are sleep or at work Heal..
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5 Pcs Acupuncture Finger Health Care Massage Rings Features: Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Techniques The Chinese acupressure ring comes in one size fits all fingers. The finger massage not only can massage acupuncture points on the finger of and the joints but also enhance t..
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Features: 50Pcs Test Strips and 50Pcs Lancets. Not include blood glucose meter glucometer. Each piece Test Strip is individual packaged. Small size, high-speed and accurate detection. Professional and reliable, monitoring self blood sugar for diabetes patients, screening and censusing diabetes.Descr..
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Features: 50Pcs Test Strips and 50Pcs Lancets. Not include blood glucose meter. Only suitable for Sannuo SXT Blood Glucose Meter. Small size, high-speed and accurate detection. Professional and reliable, monitoring self blood sugar for diabetes patients, screening and censusing diabetes.Description:..
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55W Far Infrared Sauna Heat Type Slimming Belt Description: Item: Infrared Slimming Belt Color: Blue Power: AC 230V / 50-60Hz Loading power: app 55W Automatic switch off time: App 50min Temperature range: 34C-60C (adjustable) Belt size: 108 x 20cm (43 X 8 inch) The power cord: 1.7 m Tape measure: 1...
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5pcs Travel Toothbrush Head Covers Case Brush Cap Protecter Features: Nice design,Light and practical easy to carry Perfect for using in travelling and outdoor activities Keep your toothbrush clean effectively All the toothbrush covers are made of food grade PP material We randomly match five colors..
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Features: The 6 cells seal kit can store tablets separately It is good for home life and travel Silicone seal can make pill boxes sealed tight, prolonged drug store Compact design, easy to carry   Description: Item Type: Pill Case Material: Environment grade PP material(non-toxic)+ABS environment pr..
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Features: Exclusive pill shape medicine case Ideal product for you to store your pill in the pill box with 6 partitions Portable, great for travel or daily life  Description: Item Type: Pill Box Length: About 10cm Diameter: About 5.5cm Material: Acrylic Color: Sent randomly with same function Weight..
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60g Black Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste Teeth Whitening   Remove dental stains, whiten teeth, clear breath of fresh air Completely kill oral inflammation, prevention and treatment of oral ulcers, bleeding gums suppressed Improving the oral environment, reduce oral diseaseDescription: Brand: News Fragra..
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Features:              Nontoxic PP material, shatterproof, impact resistant, flexible. High temperature resistant, waterproof, lightweight, seals. Anti-corrosion ability, not with the acid-base reaction. Good insulating effect.Description: Material: Environmental grade PP material (non-toxic) Size: ..
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75cm 30 Inch Yoga Exercise Ball Balance Pilates GymFeatures: Constructed of soft elastic with a diameter of approximately 75 centimeters (30 inches) Most used in physical therapy,athletic training and exercise It can also be used for weight trainingDescription: Material: PVC Elastic Color: Random Di..
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Features: Clean oral to prevent oral infection Refresh breath and prevent tartar and plaque Easy to observe the health of oral   Description: Item type: Oral Care Tools Color: As seen in the picture Size: 17.5*25cm Material: Plastic and nylon bristlesOral Care Tools: 1 X Tooth stain eraser..
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8000 MCD LED Light Mirror Dental Oral Care Teeth Whitening Clean Tool Features of LED Dental Mirror:The dental mirror is used to inspect your gum tissue and all the many hidden areas on the backside of teeth.Super 8000MCD LED light;IC regulator for energy saving for 10 hours working continuou..
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A Pair Of Electrode Gloves For Acupuncture Digital TherapyFeatures: This product is suitable for a variety of therapeutic instrument Metal point at the top of the button, the connection device in the treatment of the connection line With a gloved hand, you can do full body massage Electrode wire and..
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Features: Manufactured to a high standard, these electrodes can be removed by pulling up from the lead wire without damaging the structure of the electrode. The adhesive gel used is biocompatible hydrogel which ensures comfortable removal from the skin but at the same time provides excellent adhesio..
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Features: Same as Fast Abs and Abtronic Ten minutes on the ABGymnic is the equivalent of 600 sit-ups! Wireless - Easy to Use / Wear anywhere 6 'Smart' Programmed Routines with 10 variables levels of intensity for a complete and personalised workout Tiny Gentle Electronic Pulses are delivered to..
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Features: The digital blood pressure monitor is suitable for the product of  Upper Arm Digital Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Monitor Meter  Fully Automatic Digital Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Monitor MeterDescription: Item Type: Blood Pressure Monitor Adapter Model: JSF0610 Color: Black Input:..
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Accupuncture Pen For Tens Machine Digital XFT Body MassagerFeatures: The Massage XFT-320 Accupuncture Pen Relieve the pain in shoulders, arms, back, waist and other parts of your body. This Accupuncture Pen is suitable for XFT-320 and XFT-502.Description: Item Type: Accupuncture Pen Applicable Model..
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Acrylic Resin Denture Dental Teeth Shade A2 in An Red Box Features:Acrylic resin teeth, tooth loss and oral use, and denture! Suitable for dental study, tooth loss, practice Every box of teeth, respectively (upper and lower layer 2) Please check!Description:Acrylic denture teeth -shade A2Colour: A2T..
501 SEK
Acupuncture Body Massager Replaceable Electrode WireFeatures: This Replaceable Electrode Wire is suitable for a variety of The SKU200083 Acupuncture Body Massager. It is very easy to use and operate.Description: Item Type: Replaceable Electrode Wire Applicable Models: XFT-320This is XFT-320 Electric..
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Acupuncture Digital Therapy Massager With Pair Of Electrode GlovesFeature: Acupuncture Digital Therapy With a gloved hand, you can do full body massage The large size LCD could displayed intensity, functions, therapeutic time both in Chinese and English. Acupuncture Digital Therapy With the function..
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Features: Relieve neck, shoulder, joint pain Promote blood circulation Relieve your muscle tension Improve sleep qualityDescription: Item Type: Yoga Massager Pillow Material: Cotton fabrics + plastic Color: Randomly Size: 40*15*10cm Weight: About 350gPackage Included: 1 X Yoga Massager PillowNotice:..
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Adjustable Shoulder Back Posture Corrector Chest Support VestFeature: Special "X" type design let you look slimer and younger This product support your chest and help your back be straight Help you shape your body Reshape your posture and show your charming breastsDescription: Material: Nylon Color:..
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Features: Easy to use and clean. Promote the blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism of muscle tissue. Suitable for belly and waist to do moxibustion treatment. Relieve muscle spasm and pressure, promote sleep, the blood circulation, etc. A very convenient and practical health care equipment..
493 SEK
Description: Brand New Professional quality Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Cuff. Features a standard inflation bulb, standard air release valve and calibrated navy nylon cuff with velcro closure, to insure a secure fit and accurate reading. Applies the mechanical manometer to measure the bl..
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Features: The AngelSounds JPD-100Smini Prenatal Fetal Doppler Detector Pregnancy Baby Heart Rate Monitor The Fetal Doppler takes the principal of fetal ultrasound to collect the fetal heart beat signals of fetus With strong ability of processing fetal heart signals and zero radiation Power with one ..
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Description:Item type: Anterior Teeth Posterior MolarTypes : Anterior Front Teeth or Posterior Molar Teeth Pacakage Includes: 1x Box Anterior Teeth Posterior Molar..
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Features:100% Brand New.With 40 concave-convex pellets on the rollers to to give you double the massage effect.Could be used everyday, everywhere, while you are watching TV, reading and so on.Helps to detoxify your body too as you massage your lymphatic system.Size: 9.3 X 6.7 X 4.8cmMaterial: ABSPac..
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Features:Anti snoring device is easy to use,soft, safe and effective.It is made from silicone.Place the protruding round tips towards upper nostrils and put inwards.Description: Item Type: Anti Snore Snoring Stop Stopper Nose Clip Sleep Device Snore Stop Size : 1.8 X 1.5 X 0.6 cm Case size : 4..
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Features: 90 set of measurement date memoryThe article warning hte state of WHO blood pressureHigh quality of LCD slice & sensorsLCD is large for clear view of the readingBlood pressure&Pulse shown at the same timeLow battery indicatorAutomatic power-off functionMemory r..
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Product Feature: 1.Easy to read digital LCD(liquid crystal display) 2.Compact,accurate and durables LSI(large scale integration) device. 3.Temperatures can be taken under an arm (axillary use) or under the tongue(oral use). 4.Very sensitive device, quick to obtain results. 5.If the thermometer ..
155 SEK
Description: Temperature Range: 35℃(95℉)~ 40℃(104℉) Color: White & Black Size: 9 x 1.5(L x D) cmusage: 1.Before using,let the baby's forehead dry. 2.Stick or put on the baby's forehead, the thermometers will  indicate the temperature, you can read the temperature from the colour change.And left the ..
87 SEK
Description: Easy to use, comfortable, elastic. Helps to correct poor posture, keep shoulders back, correct. Scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures. Relieves posture related back pains, shoulder pains. Material: polyester. Suitable for shoulders 35-45cm in width.Package Includes: Back Shoul..
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Shoulder Support  is available now from our UK warehouseFree shipping to  UK in 3-6 business days ship to European countries in 7-10 days in UK warehouseDescription: 100% brand new and high quality The Posture Aid Support is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten the Spine. R..
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Features:Body Innovation Massager Professional Slimming Massage Device Light,handy,convenient Relieves pressure,pack it anywhere, anytime to relax your muscles This body innovation massager can be used to massage hip,shoulders,arms,joints,waist,thigh and crus   Description: Item Type: Massage & Rela..
890 SEK
Features:Help your breast upKeep you stand up straightShaping your waistShow the female charming Description:Item Type: Body Shaping VestGender: WomenMaterial: Nylon,SpandexBust: 75-85cmWeight: About 70g Package Included:1 x Body Shaping VestNoti..
193 SEK
Car Chair Mesh Seat Back Support Lumbar Massage CushionFeatures: Mesh back lumbar support cushion pad Suitable for car seat, office or home chairs Many bead can massage you back muscle, relieve your driving and working pressure Attached by elastic bands with enable pefect adjustmentsDescription: Col..
213 SEK
Features: With different cartoon emoticon design. Comfortable texture for you to wear. Great for relaxing, sleeping and traveling. Keep light out and keep air through. Stretch band to fit different heads.Description: Item Type: Sleeping Eye Mask Meterial: Cotton Color: As shown in pictures Weight: A..
86 SEK
CK-102 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Meter SphygmomanometerFeatures: Intelligent pressure 60 set of measurement data memory Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor For Health Care Full Automatic, LCD Digital DisplayDescription: Item Type: Blood Pressure Monitor Model: CK-102 Material: Engineering Plas..
445 SEK
CK-W113 Digital Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Monitor MeterWrist Blood Pressure Monitor For Health Care Full Automatic, LCD Digital Display 90 set of measurements of memoryDescription: Item Type: Electronic Manometer Model: CK-W113 Material: Engineering Plastics Color: Black Dimensions: 65*77*44mm..
478 SEK
Features: Full-body Massage Mattress, mainly focus on neck, shoulder, waist, back, buttocks and leg. Eight nuclear resonance massage heads, which is symmetric distribution and powerful. With functions of infra-red light heating. High-grade fabrics, antibiosis, excellent expansibility, durable and ea..
2,072 SEK
Cool Protection Blinder Eye Shield Mask Eliminate FatigueFeatures: 1. This product mainly through the eye cold hot compress principle, to regulate eye nerve endings and blood     circulation; eliminate eye fatigue, increase muscle flexibility. 2. The bag for special formula - smart cool glue; 3. Aut..
151 SEK
Features: Manufactured by cotton material Comfortable texture for your to wear Keep light out and breathable Great for relaxing, sleeping and traveling  Description: Item Type: Sleep Mask Color: Sent randomly with same function Material: Cotton Size: About 20*8cm Weight: About 40g  Package Included:..
100 SEK
CR-802 Cervical Vertebra Brace Air Traction Therapy Device Belt Neck Pain Release SupportFeatures: This device is featured for small volume, light weight, and strong traction. The shape of the device after    inflation is suitable for physiological curve of human body; it will protect the sensitive ..
1,509 SEK
Features: Refreshing peppermint flavor can help you keep breath fresh. No thickeners or foaming agents can harden and strengthen dental enamel naturally.Description: Item Type: Tooth Whitening Material: Sodium dodecyl sulfate, sodium chloride, green tea, cool peppermint, etc Product form: Powder Age..
190 SEK
Features:            Nontoxic PP material, shatterproof, impact resistant, flexible.High temperature resistant, waterproof, lightweight, seals.Anti-corrosion ability, not with the acid-base reaction.Good insulating effect. Description:Material: environmental grade PP material (non-toxic)Size: 8.1CM*..
98 SEK
Daily Weekly 28 Slot Pill Box Holder Organizer Medicine CaseFeatures: Suits for hosipital and home Smart design and high quality Various colors distinguish different days that's convenience for patients Made by durable material and good for divide pills,mini design good for keeping in the bag for tr..
165 SEK
Dental Denture Box Container Orthodontic Dental Blue Case Mouth Tray Description Brand new and high quality Autoclavable Cleanliness and beauty designer. Convenient in your daily life. Size: 8.7*7.8*8cm Package included: 1 X Denture Case..
149 SEK
Features: Whitening gel Effective to tobacco,wine and aging stains Easy and safe to use With a professional laser light to accelerate the whitening process Rapid response, quick result Gives you the confidence to smile  Description: Item Type: Teeth Whitening Tool Kit Purpose: Whiten Teeth Material:..
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Dental Spa Unit Oral Irrigator Teeth Cleaner Floss Water JetFeature: No electricity or batteries, always ready to use Easy to install, simply install to your faucet with an adaptor (water separator) 5 jet device in different color, prevent to any mix use, it is hygienic and eye-appealing Powered by ..
478 SEK
DescriptionDental Light-cured Resin Composite Polishing Kit RA 0309 for Low-speed Handpiece The composite polishing kit is designed for teeth whitening It contains 3 ceramic polishers and 6 silicone rubber polishers for low-speed handpieceDetailsModel: RA 0309 Kit Profile: 1. CW 306 4 White ..
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100-240V Desk Clip Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening Lamp Machine Home Use MedicalFeatures: 1. The specifical wave length and high density light speed catalyze whitening gel. 2. 6 pcs powerful LED Light emit a high light intensity cold blue light with an output at 6000MW/CM2 3. Special design, innocuou..
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Multifunction Digital Dual Output Electronic Physiotherapy Acupuncture Massager Features: Massage the acupuncture points of the body, relieve fatigue and massage whole body. LCD display screen shows intensity, functions, therapeutic time both in Chinese and English With seven functions of stroke,..
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Features: This is a Digital LCD Body Fat Tester Analyzer Monitor Meter Absolute necessity for every weight management program Easy and Convenient to Use Just need to input your age,height,body weight,then put your left and right thumb into the 2 measuring point,wait for 5 seconds Shows body fat by w..
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Features: 1.Accurately measure the blood preasure 2.LCD digital display,legible 3.intelligent pressure 4.WHO wanming message function 5.Double mode, each of the 90 set of measurements of memory 6.No operation in 1 minutes automatic shutdown 7.The over protection function 8.An irregular heartbeat tip..
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Features:Digital Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter The automatic blood pressure heart beat monitor is intelligent automatic compression and decompression. Easy to operate, switching button to start measuring,60 store groups memory measurements. Can read single or all meas..
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Description:Material: SiliconeColor: OrangeQuantity: 1pcsPackage included:1 x Neck Massager..
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