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Essence Oil

Features: Main Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, deionized water, flavor, cactus extract, aloe extract etc. Efficacy: Moisturizing, Enhance skin elasticity, Firming skin, Anti-wrinkle. Usage: After cleansing, take appropriate product to smear face, gently pat and massage until absorbed.Description: Item..
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Description: Item Type: Breast Enlargement Essential Oils Net Content: 10ml Shelf Life: 3 years For skin: Any skinPackage Included: 1 x Breast Enlargement Essential OilsMain Ingredients: wheat germ, rosemary, jasmine etc.Efficacy: improve breasts flat,loose,sagging and other conditions,long-term use..
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Features: This is a transparent 15ml glass bottle. It consists of a clear glass bottle and dropper. Suitable for perfume, essential oil or other chemicals.  Description: Item Type: Transparent Essential Oil Bottle Material: Glass, plastic Volum: 15 ML Color: Transparent Weight: About   Package Inclu..
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Features: The bottles is great for essential oils, perfumes, fragrances, colognes, and also great for traveling.   Suitable for storing chemical medicine or for stuff that are sensitive to degradation from light.  Description: Item Type: Empty Brown Essential Oil Bottle Capacity: 30ML Material: Glas..
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4Pcs CUCNZN Pure Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Face Skin Care Lotion Features: Moisturizing, whitening, repair the skin after sunburn4 pieces for one period of treatment Description: Item Type: Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Brand: CUCNZN Capacity: 10ml Bottle Material: Glass Quantity: 4pcs Hyaluronic Acid Liquid ..
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Features: Luxury gold foil, hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence. Moisturizing, whitening, shrinking pore, firming up skin, regulating oil balance, anti-aging. Rapidly absorbed into the skin. Skin will keep smooth and extra supple with easy absorption of all element it needs.  Description: Item Type..
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Features: It is appliable for any skin especially suitable for skin aging, rough skin to use.  AFY facial essence effects on wrinkle on the face, dry skin issue With revitalizing power to improve circulation, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and the power of locking water. Using it after cleaning and to..
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AFY 24K Gold Revive Neck Essence Oil Anti-wrinkle MoisturizingFeatures: It is appliable for any skin especially suitable for skin aging, rough skin to use AFY neck essence effects on wrinkle on the neck, dry skin issue Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and the power of locking water Using it after cleaning a..
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Features: With natural bamboo and chrysanthemum extract, this AFY Blackhead Derived Lotion is very useful to soften cutin, clear blackhead and grease grains in the deep pore. Description: Item Type: AFY Blackhead Derived Lotion Brand: AFY Specifications: 10ML Place of origin: GuangZhou.China Shelf L..
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AFY Gravida Olive Essential Oil Prevent Remove Stretch Marks Especially for the pregnant mammy, profassional design of olive oil with multiple protection, prenatal and postnatal can be usedDescription: Ingredients: Olive oil, Vitamins, Hyaluronic acid The Crowd: Especially for the pregnant mammy pro..
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AFY Herbal Body Odor Remover Body Care Description: Name: AFY Herbal Body Odor Remover Brand Name: AFY Main Components: Clove, Murraya paniculata, Herbal Usage: Deodorant Function: AFY Herbal Body Odor Remover anti-bacteria,remove foot odour and armpit odor body odor.Anti-allergic formula with pl..
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AFY Natural Firming Care Enlargement Breast Bust Essential OilSuitable Person: Small bust, sagging breasts and people who want to enlarge breastFunction: The wheat grem can nourish and care your breast, promote your breast cells split again, then help your bust re-developmentThis breast oil suitable..
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AFY Slimming Leg Essential Oil Fast And Powerful Description: Name: AFY Slimming Leg Essential Oil Brand Name: AFY Main Components: Sandalwood, Thyme, Marigold Usage: SPA, Massage Function: Acceleration in-depth fat decomposition and elimination dropsy Net Content: 30ml Quantity: 1 pcs Package incl..
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AFY Slimming Leg Essential Oil Thigh MassageFeatures: Contains a blend of natural ingredients that will help you to burn the excessive body fat and control your weight to achieve a slim and healthy body The oil is quickly absorbed and acts as a great complement to diet or exercise plans Healthy, gre..
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Features: Containing lavender exacts, rose essence, and carrot oil, this AFY stretch marks removal essential oil can remove stretch marks, obesity marks and growth striation on the skin around your belly. Description: Item Type: AFY Stretch Marks Removal Essential Oil Brand: AFY Specifications: 30ML..
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Description: Name: AFY Sweet Pink Areola Essential OilBrand  Name: AFY Main Components: Geranium, Rose, Lavender Applicable parts: Lip, Areola, Vulva Function: Purely natural plant formulation, kind geniality , promote the skin epidermis layer melanin the decomposition Net Content: 30ml Quantity: 1..
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AFY Thin Waist Essential Oil Reducing Weight Burning Fat 30MLThe Main Effect: To promote blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen the excess fat and moisture of the decomposition and metabolism To help the body detox, deep cleansing and astringent skin, balance sebum secretion, effectively enhanc..
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 Features: Aromatic compounds Oil-based, non-toxic and water-soluble Good for relaxing and to aid sleep For use in oil burner, diffuser, sachets or any scented productsDescription: Item Type: Essential Oil Color: As shown in the pictures Fragrance: Lavender, Tulip, Rose Capacity: 10ml Size: Abou..
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Features: Main Ingredients: Kudzu, ylang ylang essential oil, sweet almond essential oil, evening primrose essential oil etc. Efficacy: Nourish the chest, make chest full of elasticity, improve breasts flat, loose, sagging and other conditions, long-term use, make breasts become natural, tight.Descr..
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Features:Wormwood Essential Oil will remove toxins from the body,  eliminate wrinkles, relax yourself, reduce stress.Wormwood Essential Oil improves circulation and help you sleep.   Description: Item type: Wormwood Essential Oil Color: As seen in the picture Specification: 10ml Weight: About ..
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Feature: The so-called concentracte is pure natural plant directly from the therapy. The effect of high purity liquid, are all concentrated essence of maternal, absorb the heavens and the earth. The essence of all things, there are "plant gold" of reputation. 100% concentrate expert, the introductio..
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CUCNZN Pure Collagen Liquid Anti-aging Whitening Moisturizing Essence Description: Item Type: CUCNZN Collagen Liquid Brand: CUCNZN Volume: 10ml Effect: Anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, refreshing skin, firming skin, whitening, repairing Bottle Material: Glass Weight: About 40g  Package Included: 1 X CUCN..
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Description: Item Type: CUCNZN Skin Care Set Brand: CUCNZN Volume: 10ml for each piece Effect: Anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, refreshing skin, firming skin, whitening, repairing Quntity: 1 X Hyaluronic Acid Liquid               1 X CUCNZN Collagen Liquid Weight: About 80g  Package Included: 1 X Hyaluro..
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Feature: Fragrance dish adopt high temperature fire technology making, the glass is thick enough. Going green and environmentally, easy for cleaning. The surface is smooth and brightness, transmittance is good, not easy to touch the oil. Suitable for most of the fragrance lamp.Description: Item Type..
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Feature:Yeduko whitening pale spot solutionMelanin Rochester effect to whitening pale spot,balanced pigment,shrink pores,firm skin;insist on the use of skin whitening,can gradually turn fine.Brightening Moisturizing hyaluronic acid solutionMoisturizing factor,rapid increase in skin m..
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QYANF Anti-acne Oil Control Lavender Extract Liquid EssenceDescription: Item Type: Lavender Extract Essence Brand: QYANF Volume: 10ml Effect: Whitening, moisturizing, anti-acne, shrinking pores, pockmark remover Bottle Material: Glass Weight: About 20g  Package Included: 1 X Lavender Extract Essence..
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Features: QYANF Snail Original Liquid. Benefit for the treatment of wrinkles, scars, dry skin and acne. Can facilitate regeneration of wounded tissue.  Description: Item Type: Snail Original Liquid Brand: QYANF Volume: 10ml Effect: Whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, pockmark remover, shrinking por..
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Features: Argireline is a synthetic anti-wrinkle cosmetics ingredient. Decreasing the visible effects of aging by reducing the deep wrinkles and lines. Firming up the skin, anti-aging.  Description: Item Type: Argireline Anti Wrinkle Essence Brand: QYANF Volume: 10ml Bottle Material: Glass Weight: A..
127 SEK
Schnaphil Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Liquid Hyaluronic Acid Pure ExtractDescription: Item Type: Schnaphil Hyaluronic Pure Extract Brand: Schnaphil Volume: 10ml Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Extract Cucumber Extract Effect: Moisturize & firm skin, Supply water for skin, Anti-Wrinkle, Repair damag..
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Schnaphil Antioxidant Whitening Moisturizing Anti-wrinkle White JADE Snail SolutionDescription: Item Type: Schnaphil Anti-wrinkle Whitening Moisturizing Snail Essence Brand: Schnaphil Volume: 10ml Ingredients: Snail extract, deionized water, amino acid moisturizing factors Effect: Carry bright color..
129 SEK
Schnaphil Whitening Moisturzing Repairing Scar Jellyfish Pure ExtractDescription: Item Type: Schnaphil Jellyfish Pure Extract Brand: Schnaphil Volume: 10ml Ingredients: Jellyfish Extract, EGF, Deionized Water Effect: Whitening, Moisturzing, Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-aging, Firming skin, Repairing Scar, Re..
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Spa Aromatherapy Ceramic Stove Essential Oil Lamp Candle BurnerDescription: Condition: Brand New Color: Yellow Flavor: Jasmine Benefits: Air-refreshing, relaxing Weight: About 250g Material: High-temperature ceramics Size: Top diameter: 6cm/2.36" Bottom diameter: 7cm/2.76" Usage: See the picturePack..
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YSLD Breast Essential Oil Firming Enlargement Bust MassageDescription: Ingredient: Wheat germ, Rose, Evening primrose, Grape seed oil, etc. Suitable person: Small bust, sagging breasts and people who want to enlarge breast Specification: 30 ml Quantity: 1 Shelf Life: 3 yearsFunction: The wheat grem ..
188 SEK
Features: Main Ingredients: Kudzu,ylang ylang oil, almond oil, evening primrose oil. Suitable Person: Small bust, sagging breasts, and people who want to enlarge breast. Efficacy: Improve breasts flat, loose,sagging and other conditions, long-term use, make breasts become natural, tight.Description:..
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