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Features: The adsorption capacity of Blackhead Remover Mask  is high which can eliminate  blackhead and andthe dirt in the pores. Astringe pores, improve the quality of skin. It is Refreshing and effective to reduce acne.   Description: Item type: Blackhead Remover Mask Brand Name: AFY Col..
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Features: Shrink pores, eliminating freckle, blackhead and acne, oil control, Whitening, skin-hydrating, wrinkle-preventing and moisturizing   Description: Item type: Mung Bean Mask Brand Name: AFY Color: Green Weight: About 200g   Package include: 1 X Mung Bean Mask   How to use: 1. C..
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AFY Gold Foot Care Mask Membrane Nursing Set Corneous Dead Skin Description: Name: Foot Care Mask Brand Name: AFY Use: Foot Quantity: 2pcs in a bag One period of treatment: 10pcs Foot Care Mask Package include: 1 x Foot Care Mask (2pcs in a bag)..
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AFY Golden Snail Eye Cream Anti-Dark Circles Wrinkles RepairDescription: Shelf life: 3 Years Main Ingredient: Snail slime extract, Licorice, Cockle algae,Elasticity protein, etc. Suitable person: People who have dark circle, eyes bags, eye lines, etc. Function: Deeply nourish the eyes skin, increase..
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AFY Gravida Olive Essential Oil Prevent Remove Stretch Marks Especially for the pregnant mammy, profassional design of olive oil with multiple protection, prenatal and postnatal can be usedDescription: Ingredients: Olive oil, Vitamins, Hyaluronic acid The Crowd: Especially for the pregnant mammy pro..
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AFY Herbal Body Odor Remover Body Care Description: Name: AFY Herbal Body Odor Remover Brand Name: AFY Main Components: Clove, Murraya paniculata, Herbal Usage: Deodorant Function: AFY Herbal Body Odor Remover anti-bacteria,remove foot odour and armpit odor body odor.Anti-allergic formula with pl..
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AFY Invisible Pearl Whitening Silky Leg CreamDescription: Net Weight: 60ML Quantity: 1 Shelf Life: 3 yearsPackge Includs: 1 x AFYLeg CreamNote: 1.The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and lig..
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Features: Waterproof, sweatproof, moisturing and whitening Screens out the sun's burning rays to help prevent sunburn Comfortable, easy to absorb, relaxed and not greasy Can cover the skin pore, brown spots, scars, etc Small package, easy to carryDescription: Item Type:Invisible Stockings Whitening ..
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Features: Extracting the essence of sakura, which is containing vitamin A, B E Refreshing skin and not irritative for skin Suitable for sensitive part, could restrain synthesis of melanin Intimate Bleaching, whitening, lightening pinkish cream  Description: Item Type: AFY Pinkish Cream Brand:..
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 AFY Magic Breast Cream Enhancement Bust 30gDescription: Main ingredients: Kudzu, Deep-sea Roe, Ginseng Shelf Life: 3 years Quantity: 1Efficacy: Super penetration, quickly activation of breast cells  ,Effectively activation of breast and breast tissue, promote the blood circulation and nutrien..
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AFY Mung Bean Deep Clean Facial Mask Whitening MoisturizeEffects: Clean, whitening, remove blackheads,pigmentation and acne ,clean dirt of skin and pores, get rid of Skin keratinocytes, enhance skin elasticity and glossUsage: After cleansing ,take appropriate amount of mask and apply evenly to face(..
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AFY Mung Bean Facial Mask Shrink Pores Whitening Oil ControlEffects: Clean, whitening, remove blackheads,pigmentation and acne ,clean dirt of skin and pores, get rid of Skin keratinocytes, enhance skin elasticity and glossUsage: After cleansing ,take appropriate amount of mask and apply evenly to fa..
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AFY Natural Firming Care Enlargement Breast Bust Essential OilSuitable Person: Small bust, sagging breasts and people who want to enlarge breastFunction: The wheat grem can nourish and care your breast, promote your breast cells split again, then help your bust re-developmentThis breast oil suitable..
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Features: 100% Aloe extracts make this AFY Pure Aloe Vera Gel very suitable for whitening, moisturizing, anti-acne and dispeling scar. Description: Item Type: AFY Pure Aloe Vera Gel Brand: AFY Specifications: 40g Place of origin: GuangZhou.China Shelf Life: 3 Years Material: Aloe extract Suitable sk..
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Features: 1.Plant Botanical Micro Collagen Nose Up active factor could promote Nose bone second growth 2.Natural herbal ingredients, make nose up and beauty at root 3.Instantly penetration into the nasal tissue, could absorb the effective ingredient faster and completely absorption 4.To improve adve..
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AFY Peel Off Facial Blackhead Remover Acne MaskDescription: Remove Blackheads, Acne, Oily Elimination Color: Black NET: 60g Quantity: 1For external use only, avoid contact with eyes, do not apply to broken or inflamed skin. Keep out of reach of childrenInstructions for use: -Before applying this mas..
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AFY Rid Of Tinea Unguium Nail Regeneration Herbal Essence Description: Name: AFY  Nail Regeneration Herbal Essence Brand  Name: AFY Function: Rid Of Tinea Unguium Main Components: Water,Butanediol,Chamomile,Salicylic Acid etc. Shelf life: 3 years Net Content: 30ml Quantity: 1 pcs Package include: 1..
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AFY Shaping Slimming Cream Fat Burn Description: Name: AFY Shaping Slimming Cream Brand Name: AFY Main Components: Aloe, Lotus Leaf, Pearl Barley Shelf Life: 3 years Net Content: 100g Quantity: 1 pcs Package include: 1 x AFY Shaping Slimming Cream Note: 1.The real color of the item may be slightly d..
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Features: AFY Pure Aloe Vera Gel is suitable for whitening, moisturizing, anti-acne and dispeling scar. After clean your face, apply the Aloe Gel on your face. Apply the Aloe Gel in the morning as facial cream Apply the Aloe Gel in the morning as facial maskDescription: Item Type: Aloe Gel Gender: U..
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AFY Slimming Leg Essential Oil Fast And Powerful Description: Name: AFY Slimming Leg Essential Oil Brand Name: AFY Main Components: Sandalwood, Thyme, Marigold Usage: SPA, Massage Function: Acceleration in-depth fat decomposition and elimination dropsy Net Content: 30ml Quantity: 1 pcs Package incl..
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AFY Slimming Leg Essential Oil Thigh MassageFeatures: Contains a blend of natural ingredients that will help you to burn the excessive body fat and control your weight to achieve a slim and healthy body The oil is quickly absorbed and acts as a great complement to diet or exercise plans Healthy, gre..
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AFY Snail Cream Face Skin Care Moisturizing Anti-AgingDescription: Shelf life: 3 Years Suitable for: Any skin, especially dry, acne sensitive skin Efficacy: Repair, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, skin becomes smooth and soft, enhance elasticity, repair fine lines Main Ingredients: Snail Ext..
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Features: Containing snail exacts,scallop alga and liquorice essence, this AFY snail eye cream can remove dark circle,  anti-puffiness, anti-aging, and enhance the skin elasticity around your eyes. Description: Item Type: AFY Snail Eye Cream Brand: AFY Specifications: 30g Place of origin: GuangZhou...
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Features: Containing snail exacts and collagen essence, this AFY snail face cream can anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and moisturize your face, which keep you beautiful. Description: Item Type: AFY Snail Face Cream Brand: AFY Specifications: 30g Place of origin: GuangZhou.China Shelf Life: 3 Years Materia..
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Features: Containing lavender exacts, rose essence, and carrot oil, this AFY stretch marks removal essential oil can remove stretch marks, obesity marks and growth striation on the skin around your belly. Description: Item Type: AFY Stretch Marks Removal Essential Oil Brand: AFY Specifications: 30ML..
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Description: Name: AFY Sweet Pink Areola Essential OilBrand  Name: AFY Main Components: Geranium, Rose, Lavender Applicable parts: Lip, Areola, Vulva Function: Purely natural plant formulation, kind geniality , promote the skin epidermis layer melanin the decomposition Net Content: 30ml Quantity: 1..
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AFY Thin Waist Essential Oil Reducing Weight Burning Fat 30MLThe Main Effect: To promote blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen the excess fat and moisture of the decomposition and metabolism To help the body detox, deep cleansing and astringent skin, balance sebum secretion, effectively enhanc..
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Features: AFY pure natural essential oil manufactured by Australia plant essence + China herbal essence +Traditional Chinese Therapy Penetration efficacy up to 20%, within 10 minutes essence fully absorbed, fast than normal skin care product Creating exquisite perfect face  Efficacy: Eliminate face ..
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Features: Antioxidant, Whitening, Freckle Removing, Hydrating, Moisturizer, Oil-control, Scar Removing, Blackhead Removing,  Anti-wrinkle, Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory, Acne/Spot Removing.  Description: Item Type: AFY Mung Bean  Mud Mask Brand: AFY Capacity: About 130 g Weight: About 180 g   ..
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AFY Women Men Hair Remove Depilatory CreamFeatures: The smart way to achieve smoothness that lasts Extremely effectively removes unwanted hair Makes the skin satin smooth and silky softDescription: Net Weight: 60g Quantity: 1 Shelf Life: 3 yearsPackge Includs: 1 x AFYDepilatory CreamHow to apply: B..
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Features: It can cleans grease in the face and meantime adjust excessive grease secretion of skin. It can duly supplement nutrition and moisture to skin, lighten acne, remove blackhead, create firm, smooth and refreshing skin and resume fair and smooth skin.Main Ingredients Natural aloe essence loti..
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Description: Dominant sector: Aloe essence, KGF, Protein essence,Salicylic Acid, etc. Style: 1.Aloe, 2.Fish oil Net Weight: 50ml Quantity: 2 Pair Shelf life: 3 YearsMain functions: Remove dead skin & cutin Degerming & hidroschesis Against chapping Deeply nourish and hydratePackage Included: 1 x Box ..
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Features: Deep clean grease in the face Adjust excessive grease secretion of skin Duly supplement nutrition and moisture to skin Lighten acne and blackhead  Description: Item Type: Anti Acne Cream Shape: #01 Aloe, #02 bitter gourd, #03 ginseng, #04 Chinese medicine, #05 cucumber(choose the one you l..
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Features: Moisturizing,soothing, anti-wrinkle, firming Suitable for all skin types used in any season, especially for Acne, rough, yellowish, damaged skin  Description: Item Type: Aloe Eye Cream Brand: Anan Sonsi Main Ingredient: Water, propylene glycol, capsicum frutescens extract, Citrus paradisi ..
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Features: Gentle soothing, moisturizing, oil control, anti acne/wrinkle/aging, pore-refiningDescription: Item Type: Aloe Facial Cream Brand: Anan Sonsi Main Ingredients: Aloe extract, deionized water, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, etc Suitable: All types of skin Net Content: 50g  Package Included: 1..
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Features: Deep cleaning, gentle soothing, moisturizing, oil control, clean detox, scar removing  Description: Item Type: Aloe Facial Cleanser Main Ingredients: Aloe extract, water, glycerin, citric acid, etc Suitable: All types of skin Net Content: 120g  Package Included: 1 X Aloe Facial Cleanser  N..
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Features: Liposome technology is applied to every product. Nutritions wrapped in liposome have better quality in terms of permeability, skin affinity, and stability. Cleaner and safer product, nutritions of which can reach deep into skin. Basal cell activation, promote skin metabolism. Firming, mois..
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Anti-aging Moisturizing Whitening Scar Removal Emulsion Snail Cream Description:Net Content: 50gShelf Life: 3 years Main Ingredients:Water, glycerin, snail secretion filtrate, phenoxyethanol, pectin, sweet alcohol, ethyl hexyl glycerol, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed prote..
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Anti-Wrinkle Cherry Pink Lip Gel Patch Moisture Lip MaskFeatures: Deep moisture lip mask Formulated with Cherry extract, this lip-shaped hydro gel patch hydrates, repairs, and soothes for soft, supple, and smooth lipsDescription: Color: Pink Size: About 12.5cm X 8.5cm Quantity: 1 pcsPackge Includs: ..
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 Features: Aromatic compounds Oil-based, non-toxic and water-soluble Good for relaxing and to aid sleep For use in oil burner, diffuser, sachets or any scented productsDescription: Item Type: Essential Oil Color: As shown in the pictures Fragrance: Lavender, Tulip, Rose Capacity: 10ml Size: Abou..
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Description: Item Type: Bamboo Charcoal Facial Mask Main Components: Water, Bamboo charcoal Suitable skin types: All type of skin Content: 100ml Shelf Life: 3 years Weight: About 140gPackage Included: 1 x Bamboo Charcoal Facial MaskEfficacy: Deep clean black head , acne remove , keep your skin moist..
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 Features: Handmade bamboo charcoal soap Whitening and moisturizing your facial skin Oil-control and remove blackhead Deeply clean your pores   Suitable for all kinds of skinDeccription: Item Type: Charcoal Handmade Soap Color: Black Treatment Area: Face Weight: 46g Diameter: 5.2cm Thickness: 1..
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Features:Blackhead Remover Brush is a beauty pad for facial care,cleaning out of dirt and cuiticle effectively on face.This great blackhead remover brush help to remove stain or oil  spots on  your  face with daily use.Improving the blood circulation of your face by brushing  lightly and gently,help..
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Blackhead Remover Nose Pore Cleaner Exfoliating Skin Scrub BrushDescription: Color: White&gold Condition: Brand new,Soft Stick material: Solid wood Hair material: Fiber Dimension: App 11.5 x 1.2 x 1.2 cm Total Length: App 10cm Weight: App 11gRecommended for people who: 1. Want to prevent or get rid ..
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Breast Enlargement Cream Bust Firming Enlarge Bigger Cup Lift   Description: Net weight: App 40g. Shelf Life: 3 years. Main Ingredients: Puerperal plant extracts, vitamin E, vitamin C, ginseng, angelica, mother wort, collagen. Suitable person: Small bust, sagging breasts..
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Features: Main Ingredients: Kudzu, ylang ylang essential oil, sweet almond essential oil, evening primrose essential oil etc. Efficacy: Nourish the chest, make chest full of elasticity, improve breasts flat, loose, sagging and other conditions, long-term use, make breasts become natural, tight.Descr..
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Features:Main Ingredients: Pueraria Lobata, Hamamelis Virginiana, Hedwra Nepalensis sinensis, Oenothera Biennis etc.Efficacy: promote breast development, improve breasts flat, loose, sagging and other conditions.Usage: After cleaning, take the right amount of cream applied to the chest, ..
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Features: Helps reduce oily areas, dry patches and blemishes to leave skin feeling softer and smoother Helps tighten pores and reduces appearance of fine lines & can be used with your favorite cleansers and moisturizers Gentle for cleansing all skin types, even skin conditions such as rosacea and ac..
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CAICAUI Foot Care Mask Whitening Moisturizing Membrane Description: Name: Foot Care Mask Brand Name: CAICUI Use: Foot Quantity: one pair Net weight: 40g Package include: 1 x a pair of Foot Care Mask..
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CAICAUI Hand Care Mask Whitening Moisturizing Membrane Description: Name: Hand Care Mask Brand Name: CAICUI Use: Hand Quantity: One pair Net weight: 40g Package Included: 1 x a pair of Hand Care MaskUsage: 1. Clean hands with warm water , then put on the hand mask. 2. After about 20 to 30 minutes , ..
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CAICUI Mung Bean Mineral Mud Mask Acne Oil Control Whitening Description: Item Type: Treatment & Mask Skin Type: All Skin Types Brand Name: CAICUI Color: Green Net weight: 110 g Ingredient: Mung bean extract, mineral mud Mask classification: water wash type Package Include: 1 x Mung Bean Mask Notes:..
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CAICUI Nose Blackhead Comedone Export Remove Black Pores Suit Set Description: Name: Remove Blackhead Set Brand Name: CAICUI Net Content: 30ml+60g+30ml Package include: 1 x Comedones Removing Serum 30ml 1 x Deep Melanin Expel Mask 60g 1 x Pore Minimizing Serum 30ml Notes: 1.If you feel uncomfortable..
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CAICUI White Ice Slimming Cream Weight Loss Cream Fat Burning CreamDescription: Brand Name: CAICUI Item Type: Cream Cosmetics the efficacies: Slimming, Body shapingColor: WhiteNet weight: 160g Main components: Package Included: 1 x Blue Ice Slimming Cream Usage: 1. Clean the part you want to lose we..
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Features: Moisturizer, Oil-control, Sun Block, Waterproof, Sensitive, Anti-wrinkle, Whitening, Freckle Removing, Pores, Brighten, Concealer, Natural, NutritiousDescription Item Type: Concealer Use: Face Skin Type: All Skin Types Main ingredients: Water, Glycerol, Camellia Sinensis etc Weight: 35gPac..
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Features: Pliable and elastic fibers, safe and sterile, and is easy to clean. The durable stretch can also be recycled. Chin point design, helps to fix and tighten up the cheeks muscle to mandible position. Use with thin face cream or mask, will get better results.Description: Item Type: Face Slim B..
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Features:Wormwood Essential Oil will remove toxins from the body,  eliminate wrinkles, relax yourself, reduce stress.Wormwood Essential Oil improves circulation and help you sleep.   Description: Item type: Wormwood Essential Oil Color: As seen in the picture Specification: 10ml Weight: About ..
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Features: Ultra fine silky texture Deep cleaning, removing moderate dirt, blackheads and other turbidity Minimize pores, make your skin become supple, healthier and sparkling  Description: Item Type: Herbal Facial Mask Main Ingredient: Ginseng root extract, glove bud extract, atractylodes root extra..
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Replacement brush head for Clarisonic Mia Mia2 Aria and Pro Plus, keep your skin healthfully and cleaning  Features and Specifications: 1. MODEL: Delicate Skin Type:Extra sensitive Benefit: Areas of the body needing extra care and attention Suitable for fragile and delicate skin, damaged very sensit..
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Features: Helps reduce the appearance of visible pores. Helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Sonic Cleansing System is gentle enough for use twice daily. Use 5 minutes a day, deeply clean the skin pores residual dirt Reduce w..
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Features: Helps reduce the appearance of visible pores. Helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Sonic Cleansing System is gentle enough for use twice daily. Use 5 minutes a day, deeply clean the skin pores residual dirt Reduce w..
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